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American mined genuine White Buffalo Turquoise and blue rose cut kyanite accented statement bolo tie set in fine/ sterling silver. This piece is unisex and can be worn for weddings or casual events, even daily with a T-shirt. Bolo measures roughly 1.5 inch long by 1" across and on a black 3 foot genuine braided leather cord and handmade silver tips with a kyanite bead dangle. White buffalo turquoise, or Sacred White buffalo turquoise, is not an actual turquoise but is mined from the same mine as turquoise. White Buffalo turquoise was first discovered in 1993 by the Otteson family at the Dry Creek Mine in Tonopah, Nevada. The Otteson family has several mines, but Dry Creek is the only one that produces this unique stone. Kyanite is a gorgeous blue stone, known for treating muscular disorders, fevers, thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal glands, throat and brain, enhancing communication and balancing emotions. It is also known to aid in helping us connect to our intuitive abilities and recall dreams.

White Buffalo Turquoise and Kyanite statement bolo tie

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