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Natural American Mined Sleeping Beauty Turquoise studs are two toned with 14K gold filled material and a sterling silver hammered texture for the center body. Unique design where the earring body is attached to the earring backing. The studs go in the ear as normal, then the earring is attached as if it were a backing leaving the appearance as if the earrings go through the ears. You will definitely stand out with these one-of-a-kind designer earrings. 
     An interesting story, I was laying down to go to sleep, and this design idea just popped in my head. So I hopped back out to do a quick sketch of them, then made my vision come true. 
     These earrings measure about 2 inches long.

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Stud and Drop Earrings, Turquoise and Gold Stud Gold E

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